How To Add Resume In Linkedin (With Pictures)

These days, The Internet has become a great resource for job searching, It is also a great place for companies to put a job posting.

Linkedin has over 575+ Million users with more than 265+ Million monthly active users worldwide. It’s the world’s largest professional network helped people to find and share job opportunities every day.

The platform gives you an opportunity to build an online profile that showcases all your personal information including experience, education, recommendation, etc.

So that people can find and approach you easily. LinkedIn always keeps you in touch with the people that matter to your career.

Like, I mentioned above, the platform is specially designed for professionals who are looking for new opportunities to grow their careers and we all know the importance of a professional resume.

So, here in this guide, we share a tutorial on how to upload resume on LinkedIn

Let’s get started

How To Add Or Upload Your CV On LinkedIn To Easy Apply For Jobs 

If you are applying for a job using “Linkedin Easy Apply“, then there’s an option to upload a resume and no doubt it’s a more appropriate way because all your personal details are not shared publicly

Here’s all the step you need to follow

  • Open LinkedIn, login to your account
  • Next, Go to the “Jobs” tab in the menu bar.
  • Now search for the preferred job that you want to apply and make sure it has the “LinkedIn Easy apply” option


  • Next, just select it and attach your CV by clicking on the “Upload Resume ” button

Important: Always make sure the size of the resume is under 2 MB and it is must be in Doc, DocX and Pdf format

Why You Shouldn’t Upload Your CV On LinkedIn Profile Section

Well, It’s not a good idea to share all your private information publicly. Your resume contains all your personal details including the phone number, address, etc.

So, It’s much better to not publish resume on your LinkedIn profile because the platform itself allows users to download the copy of someone’s else profile

Well, if you still want to upload the CV on LinkedIn then, Here we share two different ways to do it

Just follow the tutorial

How To Add Resume To LinkedIn Profile

  • First of all, Open the official LinkedIn website on the web.
  • Now login into your account by filling credentials such as Username and Password
  • Once done, Go to the “Profile” section located at the top of the menu bar



  • Next click on “View Profile”, scroll down to your “About” section and tap “Edit” button ( You will see a little pencil icon )



  • Now, scroll down the page, under  “Media” option, you will get an option to upload the document
  • Just tap on the “Upload” button, and locate the file


  • Finally, click on the “Save” button, that’s it
  • Here you also get an option to add the link of the document but for this. First, you need to upload a file to any free cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and after that copy a public shareable link of that file
  • Next, just click on ” Link ” button and paste or type a link of the file, that’s it
  • Once it’s done, simply give an appropriate “Title” and “Description” to the file
  • That’s it, now your CV is successfully uploaded on LinkedIn


By following the above steps you can easily upload a resume on LinkedIn. But still, if you face any problem then don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below

We tried our best to solve it as soon as possible

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