8 Best Android Apps You Must Download

Free Android applications offer a wide range of options for entertainment without any upfront cost.

 If you’ve picked one of the top economical phones or paid huge sums for the up-to-date phone, you’ll have a similar experience.

The latest smartphones are equipped with various options right from the box, but to make the most of your new smartphone, you’ll need to look at the huge market of third-party applications.

Here we gathered the 8 best Android applications for your phone that you must not skip.

However, before you download these applications, make sure you have a strong internet connection; otherwise, these apps will cause trouble.

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Top 8 Android Applications

1. Netflix

Netflix isn’t just the most popular streaming service, but it is also the most reliable streaming one. 

There’s a wide range of Netflix films and TV series available for users, and the service is silky smooth. 

There’s no limit to old-fashioned favorites, and Netflix has released a vast number of amazing unique content and shows. It’s as enjoyable as you can get for only $9.99 per month or $19.99 per month if you’d like access to 4K-quality content.

2. Notion

Notion intends to be your team-focused and personal productivity center, allowing consumers to build custom workspaces, either shared or private.

 Then, you can include a range of “blocks” that act as bookmarks, text snippets, files, images, code snippets, toggle links, discussion sections, and much more.

This means that you can have the ability to modify your workspace easily, and you can drop small elements of content wherever you require them without disturbing the whole document.

 If you’re making notes, making spreadsheets, or creating the perfect Kanban board, with Notion you can do it all quickly.

Notion’s free version lets you save and synchronize up to 1000 blocks of content.

However, premium plans will remove this content limitation and include tools for admin as well as authorization settings and other options.

3. PicsArt

If you’re looking for the free top Android apps that are more focused on editing photos, properly look at PicsArt Photo Editor, a previous Google Play Awards winner (from the time the app is known as PicsArt Photo Studio.)

PicsArt provides an array of editing tools right in your palm.

From normal editing tools that crop images, distort, stretch, and filters to cutting tools, beautification tools like double-exposure mixing instruments, collage makers, masking choices, drawing tools, and many more are available. 

It is an arsenal of tools beneficial for all from cleaning quick snaps to creating a worthy social media post.

Though you already have free access to an array of tools, a PicsArt Gold premium subscription offers more tools, additional filters, fonts, and video editing. It also blocks ads.

4. Transit

Since Transit can be a great tool for your commute, it deserves a place in any list of the most popular free Android applications.

 Transit can help you determine the fastest routes for public transport to get there. The app offers routes that blend various transport methods, such as buses, trains, and bike-sharing, and includes the short distances to each stop and wait for durations.

 Transit provides real-time information on the arrival time of your train or bus as well as compares routes, step-by-step navigation, and alerts for interruptions to service lines. 

You can also book the services of an Uber and reserve car2go directly from the app if public transportation isn’t working for you.

5. Nova Launcher

Are you fed up with the default launcher? Want to boost your home screen’s performance or simply want to personalize your phone’s interface?

 Nova Launcher is among the most popular Android launchers with a variety of utility and cosmetic customizations that are low-impact on performance.

It lets you set your home screen to the ideal size without slowing down your phone.

There are multiple options or themes, icons, scrollable docks, app drawer modifications, folder settings, and endless scrolling. 

They are constantly developing new features, including  Shortcuts animations, new adaptable icons, and enhancements designed for the most recent Android versions.

6. WhatsApp

The Google Play Store indeed has no shortage of messaging apps; however, WhatsApp’s secure end-to-end encryption and a feature-rich interface make it one of the top. 

The app is cross-platform, allows you to exchange and read messages, images and audio notes, and perform video calls at no cost. 

It is a must-have app for those who love messaging as well as those with family members abroad.

7. Bumble

In a market that is crowded with dating applications, Bumble stands out, intending to establish genuine relationships. 

For heterosexual relationships, women are required to be the first to make the move, which is why guys are encouraged to make their profiles as attractive as possible.

However, it’s women who are the final decision-maker to engage in dialogue or not.

If you’re not looking to meet someone, Bumble also offers a BFF option which is great for making new acquaintances if you’ve recently relocated to a new place or just want to make new connections.

8. Nook

Barnes & Noble offers a vast digital catalog through its Nook app. 

With more than 4 million e-books and graphic manga, comics, novels, and magazines, Nook provides a diverse selection of content that is suitable for anyone who reads. 

With the creation of profiles, your whole family can have the Nook accounts and track the most loved books and bestsellers.


Having these top android apps on your smartphone makes your user experiences ten times more productive and enjoyable.

Download and enjoy

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