How To Change Your Age On Tinder ( With Pictures )

Online dating is growing day by day. Now it’s very easy to find or discover a person who can get along with your taste just by swiping and scrolling dating apps like Tinder.

Once an account is created, the Tinder app shows you the singles who are near you, It recommends tons of matches based on your personal information.

However due to any reason if you’re looking for the method to change the age on Tinder then this post is really meant for you

Simply read this post till the end to get more information

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What’s The Need To Change Your Age On Tinder ?

As we know most of the time , people prefer to sign in to the Tinder app through Facebook account because no one wants to fill the basic information.

But in case you enter the fake or inaccurate date of birth on FB then it automatically reflects into your Tinder profile

According to me, it’s probably the major reason behind changing age on Tinder

The other reason might be you want to appear older or younger, but as per my view in dating it’s better to remain honest from your side

Well, whatever the reason might be, follow the below guide carefully to make changes.

How To Change Age On Tinder Connected Through Facebook

If you are one of the millions of people who sign in to Tinder using a Facebook account. Then, first of all, you will need to edit age on FB

Note : 

If you recently changed the Facebook Birthdate, then you need to wait a few days to change it again.

To do so, follow the below steps

  • Open Facebook app, make sure you are logged in to your account
  • Next, Tap on three horizontal lines located at the upper top right corner and go to your FB profile
  • Here you will see an option “Settings and Privacy“, just tap on it Next, go to “Settings


  • Under “Privacy” section, Tap on “Privacy Settings” option >> “Manage Your Profile


  • Again scroll down to find the ” Basic Info ” section and tap ” Edit ” to change your Birth year
  • Once age is corrected, make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the “Save” button
  • Now just close the Facebook app and return back to Tinder.
  • In most cases, changes should be reflected on Tinder within 24 hours, but if nothing happens then you can also contact their support team and explain the whole issue

However, if  still changes not reflected, You need to delete your Tinder old account and start over again via Facebook

Here’s How To Delete Tinder Account


Once you delete Tinder account, you will permanently lose your messages, matches and other information associated with your account

  • Open Tinder app, Go to “Profile“, tap on the “Gear” ( Settings ) icon
  • Next, scroll down to the bottom and find ” Delete Account “option, tap on it


  • Here you will see two different option ” Pause My Account ” and ” Delete My Account “


  • Select ” Delete My Account ” option and choose the reason why you are leaving, that’s it
  • Again create a new account to reflect changes, that’s it

How To Change Age On Tinder Without Facebook?

Well, till now there is no way to edit your age on Tinder if you are logged in using your  mobile number, the only way is to delete your account permanently and create a new one with the correct information

How To Hide Age on Tinder

If you have a Tinder Plus account, then you can able to hide your age in just a single tap

  • Go to ” Edit Info“, scroll down to the bottom
  • Under ” Control your profile “section, you will see “Don’t show my profile” option, simply press the toggle button to enable the setting 

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