11 Ways To Fix Discord Notifications Not Working On Android & Desktop

Discord is free to use an all-in-one communication platform originally built for gamers with over 50 Million monthly active users worldwide. It is available for all the major platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android

But over the past few years, People use this app to talk with friends and build communities through voice, video, or text.

It becomes a personal space and a digital living room that provides an option to set up and configure your own communication servers with the people you want in them.

Although the software is feature-rich but not free of problems, we have seen users reporting discord notifications not working issue.

However, we know the importance of notification feature, It keeps you informed about things that need your attention 

That’s why here we talk about the top 10 ways to fix “Discord notifications not working on android and desktop

Let’s get started

Fix Discord Notifications Not Working On Android 

1. Check Push Notification Settings

  • To proceed, First of all, Open discord android app and sign in to your account, next tap on small “Discord” icon at the bottom and then click on “Notifications” located under “App Settings” section 


  • You will see various options including “System Notifications“,  “In-app notifications“, make sure it’s turned ON else tap on the toggle button to enable the setting.


  • Once, it’s done tap on ” Tweak notifications settings ” and you will see various options on your screen, check and confirm that everything is ON.


2. Update App 

Discord occasionally releases a new update across all the different platforms whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

So It’s always advisable to install the latest build of the app from the official website or Playstore.

It surely improves the software stability and more importantly, If there is any bug present in the current version that causes the issue, then it may get corrected 

3. Check Phone Notifications Settings

Correcting a misconfigured built-in phone notification setting could also help fix the issue.

Follow the steps given below to get it done.

  • Go to the phone settings and tap on ” Notifications


  • Next, scroll down and hit on “Discord
  • Now enable the “Allow Notifications ” option, by tapping on the slider located next to it. Here you will also find subcategories of various settings, make sure to turn everything on  


4. Clear App Cache And Data 

An outdated cache and data might prevent discord application to send notifications, So just try clearing it.

Here is how to get it done.

  • Launch the phone’s settings app, and navigate to the “Apps and Notifications” >> “Apps
  • Next, scroll down the list of all Installed apps, and tap on “Discord ” 
  • Switch to the “Storage” section and click on both “Clear data” and “Clear cache“.


5. Reinstall App

It’s is another easy way to fix discord notification not working on android, here’s how to get it done.

  • Navigate to the phone settings and go to “Apps” >> “All apps“>> Discord 
  • Here tap on the ” Uninstall ” button and confirm the action in the popup.
  • Now move over to Google play store, and from here download the app again
  • Finally, reboot your device and log back in

6. Leave Beta Program 

As we know there is a lot of advantages of joining a beta program, Users can experience new features and functionalities.

But it’s also true that the beta version is unstable and sometimes it’s buggy which is highly responsible for crashes and unexpected errors.

So that’s why If you are part of the beta program for the discord app, then we suggest leaving it

  • Launch the Google play store and search for discord app, Now go to the app detail page 
  • Here you will see a section on Beta testing
  • Finally, tap on the “Leave” button and confirm the action


  • Next, uninstall the app and download the public version of the application from the play store 

Fix: Discord Notifications Not Working On Desktop

1. Logout From Your Account 

This trick works for many Discord users, If luck is on your side then sometimes a simple log out and log back in would be sufficient to resolve the issue.

So just open the discord desktop application, Tap on the Settings Settings gear icon icon at the bottom, scroll down left pane and here you see “Logout” button, simply tap on it and sign-in again


2. Check Online Status 

Discord provides four separate status indicators for their users including Online, Do Not Disturb, Idle, and Invisible.

However, if you are not receiving notifications on the desktop then check and confirm, that “DND” online status is not set.


3. Turn On Desktop Notifications

  • Open “Discord” app on your desktop and tap on the “User Settings” (Settings gear icon) icon located at the bottom of the left pane 


  • On the next screen, under the “App Settings” section, You will see “Notifications“, click on it 


  • Next check whether all the three options i.e “Enable desktop notifications“, “Enable unread message badge” and “Enable taskbar flashing” are turned ON. If not, then tap on the toggle button to turn on this setting 


  • Once, it’s done scroll down, go to the “Sounds” section and here you will see subcategories of various settings, make sure to enable everything  

4. Turn On Notification For Specific Channel

The service gives its user an option to disable or enable notification for a specific channel, so don’t put it on mute. Otherwise, you won’t  receive any notification alert

  • Firstly, open the app or web interface and log in to your account
  • Next, you need to select the server from the list ( In case you already created more than one server )
  • Now, Go to the channel pane and tap on your channel’s name, here on the upper-right hand corner you will see a ” Notification Bell ” notifications button icon, make sure it’s not muted. If it is, then tap on the bell icon to unmute it


5. Turn On Notification For Specific Server

  • Launch discord software, and tap on the icon of the server whose notification setting you want to check
  • Now you will see the server name on the top, next click on the drop-down arrow icon located next to it 


  • Hit on “ Notification settings ” and next make sure mute [server name] setting is disabled, if not then simply tap on the toggle button to turn it off 


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