Fix : Amazon Music Not Playing Songs, Buffering And Playback Error

Without any doubt, Amazon Prime Music is the best destination to stream favorite audio tracks, It offers a lot of advanced features and ton of melodious songs (Approx over 20 Million) in multiple languages.

All of these benefits are available only for Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

Not only this the app also integrates Alexa supports, that means now users can easily able to use voice to search various station and songs.

Although, many times users claim that Amazon Music gives playback error, keeps buffering, and not playing songs.

That’s why here we share a guide that definitely helps you to fix these errors.

So without further ado, Let’s get started

1. Check Internet Connection

Slow internet connection might be the culprit behind buffering and lagging of songs. So, make sure you are getting the fastest possible speed ( As per your plan)

In case you are unsure whether it is a connectivity issue or server problem simply perform speed check using ( or any other alternative website ) as per your choice 

Instead of streaming the music, You can also try to download it and later enjoyed uninterrupted listening 

Let me show you how it works in this guide 

  • Tap on the three-dot icon located next to songs and playlist 
  • Next hit the ” Download ” option, wait for few seconds to complete downloading  ( depends upon your internet speed )
  • In order to access your downloads, Go to My music then tap on the drop-down of the screen and select offline mode

2. Re-check Subscription 

Amazon Prime or Amazon Music unlimited active prepaid subscription allows users to stream millions of melodious track 

However, if you are not sure whether your subscription is currently active or expired simply check it by following this easy guide 

  • Open Amazon website and fill up the login credentials 
  • Now click on the ” Account And Lists ” option and select ” Membership and subscriptions


  • Here you will find a list of all your active subscriptions ( Next payment date is also mentioned in front of it )


3. Update App

It’s always important to update an app as soon as possible because in the end it helps to improve user experience and fix major flaws.

  • To do this, Firstly open Playstore app on your device 
  • Tap on ” Hamburger-Menu ” icon located at the top left corner  of the screen 
  • Go to ” My apps and games ” 
  • Here, Under “Updates” section, You will see a list of all the app, scroll down until you find “Amazon music ” app 
  • Tap on ” Update ” button present next to it and wait until the download is completed 

4. Set Streaming Network Preference:

  • Firstly, open Amazon music app, tap on the three-dot icon located at the top ( Next to profile icon ), Go to “ Music settings


  • Scroll down under ” Playback ” section, you will see ” Streaming Network Preference ” option tap on it 
  • Now depending upon your active internet connection, If you use mobile-data to stream songs then select “All Network Connection Types” option and in case you use the wireless connection, choose “Wifi only
  • Finally, tap on the ” Home ” option and once-again try to play your favorite songs 

5. Change Streaming Quality

As we know the higher the streaming quality, the more data will be used, thus by downgrading streaming quality users can simply lower the audio bit rate.

This option is especially beneficial for those who are facing slow internet speed

  • Go to Settings inside Amazon Music app 
  • Under “Playback” tap on “Streaming quality” option 
  • Next, simply choose the “Standard” streaming quality for “Wifi” and ” Data saver” for Mobile data
  • Finally, Press on ” Save


6. Clear Cache In Amazon Music App 

  • Open Amazon Music app on your device and log in your account  by entering login credentials 
  • Now tap on ” Three-dot ” icon located at the top right corner 
  • Next tap on ” Music settings “, Here under ” Storage ” You will see “Clear Cache” option, tap on it to free up some storage 
  • Also, don’t forget to tap on “Refresh My Music” option located under ” My Music ” section


7. Force Restart The App 

Here we walk you through the procedure for force-quitting an app , Just follow it 

  • Launch the ” Settings ” app on your android device 
  • Go to “Apps and Notification” >> Apps 
  • Search “Amazon Music ” app in the list and tap on it 
  • Next, tap on  ” Force stop ” option, that’s it
  • Now reboot your device and again open the application and try to stream the music 

8. Leave Amazon Music Beta Program Through Google Play 

Beta versions are not stable, They are mainly for testing purpose, thus there is a full chance that it has various bugs and flaws. 

However, if you are unsure whether you enrolled in Google’s Android beta testing program of the “Amazon Music” app or not, simply follow these steps.

Also, make sure you leave the program and install a stable version of the app

  • Open Google play store app on your device and next search for “Amazon Music ” 
  • Next, simply go to the app detail page by tapping on it, If you are a beta tester of the app then you will see the “Beta” version mentioned in it 


  • Scroll down, under ” You’re a beta tester ” section panel, You will see “ Leave ” option,  Just tap on it and confirm it by again hitting ” Leave ” button, That’s it 


  • Now uninstall the current version of the app and install the public build 

9. Alternatively Use Amazon Music Website 

I know it’s not the true solution for this problem, But if any of the above-mentioned fixes don’t work for you then it’s good to try and stream songs on the web browser instead of an App, Sometimes it also helps in identifying the faults 

  • To do this, Go to the website by opening URL
  • Enter login credentials to get back into your account 
  • Now search for your favorite song or open playlist to play it

10. Contact Customer Support 

If you still facing issues while streaming audio- content, then it’s time to contact the customer care team for support and tell them an issue.

To do so, you can follow the below tutorial

  • Open Amazon Music app, tap on ” Three-dot ” icon located at the top-right corner 
  • Go to ” Contact customer support


  • Select “App issues ” >> “Streaming issues
  • Finally, choose mode either ” Phone ” or ” Email ” to connect to the team

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