Fix: Unfortunately Gboard Stopped Working Issue On Android

Fix Gboard Not Working:

Gboard doesn’t need any introduction, It is one of the most popular keyboard application for android. It comes with a user-friendly interface and has some extraordinary features that make it one of the best among other competitors.

It comes with a clutter-free design, and easily compatible with all the popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Hotmail

Gboard provides thousands of features along with seamless integration of voice search and AI-based next word prediction.

But recently many users claim that Gboard is not working on their phone, and that’s why here in this post we have decided to share different ways to troubleshoot and fix Gboard application, so you can enjoy it with the smooth functioning

1. Restart The Phone

In most cases, a device restart can help in fixing different glitches, It helps to close down all the apps and process that works buggy.

Of course, It’s not the only way to fix errors, but there are few scenarios where it is the best solution, so just reboot your phone and give it a try

2. Select Keyboard From Your Phone

In comparison to stock android keyboards, third-party on-screen keyboards like Gboard, Swiftkey, etc are much more productive and equipped with more functionality.

However, once you downloaded it from Playstore, In order to use them you need to change the keyboard of your android smartphone 

Here we share simple steps which surely helps you in doing the same 

  • First of all, head over to your Android device “Settings
  • Next, go to ” Language and Inputs “, In some phones, the option is located under “System” and in many others under ” General Management” ( or simply perform a search to easily find it )


  • Now tap on ” On-screen ” or “Virtual” keyboard option
  • Next, Go to “Manage keyboards” and here you will see the “Gboard” app
  • Tap the toggle button next to Gboard app to enable it


3. Force Stop

“Force stop” is the easiest way to permanently stop an app running in background, Most of the times it mainly helps in fixing up all the mess 

  • Go to your smartphone “Settings” option and touch on “App”
  • Now, scroll down and find the ” Gboard” app in the list, Tap on it 
  • Now, you will see the App info screen, Touch the “Force stop” button, to fully close the application on your device 


  • On next screen, confirmation dialog box displays, Press “Ok” to confirm

4. Clear Data And Cache

As we know Cache allows the storing of temporary data for faster access, But Sometimes old cache files become corrupted and are responsible for misbehaving of an app.

That’s why in many scenarios, It is better to wipe junk files and enhance system and application performance 

Here we share the quick and easy steps to do the same

  • Start by opening up the “Settings” app on your smartphone, and tapping on the ” Apps” option


  • From there, locate the “Gboard” application and tap on it
  • Now, click on “Storage” option, here you will see two different buttons “Clear Data” and ” Clear Cache “, Just hit on it one by one to complete the process


5. ReInstall Gboard App

After following all the above methods, If still Gboard app is not functional and misbehaving on your smartphone then just uninstall and re-install the app 

Here, I share the full process, However different android phones models have different interface but the process of uninstalling an app is relatively similar 

  • Open the Settings app, and tap on the  “Application or Apps”  then hit all “Apps ” 
  • Scroll down, navigate and find “Gboard
  • Next, tap on it and select ” Uninstall “, that’s it 


  • Once the uninstallation is completed, Go to Playstore and reinstall the app

6. Install older Version Of Gboard

Usually, android app update comes with latest security patch, enhanced features and functionalities, That is perfectly fine

But it is also true that, sometimes new updates are responsible for various flaws.

In that situation you need to rollback to the older version of the application.

  • To start, Simply download previous version Apk file of “Gboard” app from any trusted third-party sources like 
  • Now go to your device “Settings“,  Open the security section and enable the “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources” 


  • Finally, Open the Apk file from your download folder and click “Install”, that’s it 

7. Update OS

Android OS updates usually fix many different issues and vulnerabilities, It provides UI improvements and improves system stability.

But, Before updating android OS, Makesure to take backup of all your phone’s data, It ensures, if anything goes wrong then you can easily recover important data 

  • First of all, Go  to the “ Settings ” of your device 
  • Next select ” About Phone ” option


  • Now, tap on ” Check For Updates “, wait for few seconds after that if an update is available, an update button will appear, simply touch it to begin downloading 


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