10 Ways To Fix Gmail Outgoing Email Stuck In Queue Error (For Android)

Gmail is arguably one of the most popular email service on the planet, equipped with tons of useful features that make it unique among others 

Thanks to the simply appealing interface and great features, We all use Gmail a lot in our day to day life.

Generally, users don’t face a lot of issues while interacting with Gmail but recently many noticed that Gmail outgoing emails queued in outbox and delivery failed especially when they tried to send an attachment with it 

Due to this reason, we are here to help you with this problem. In this post, we are going to list down a number of things that helps to resolve the issue

1. Check Internet Connectivity 

Let’s start with the easy solution which should fix the problem If it doesn’t work then proceed with the tricky ones.

We know, An unstable internet connection may lead to this issue, So firstly check your internet speed by accessing Youtube or any other app and if it is not up to the mark switch from wifi to high-speed mobile data or vice versa.

2. Update Gmail App

  • To do this, head over to “Google PlayStore” app, Tap on hamburger menu icon located at the top left corner of the screen
  • Now go to ” My Apps And Games ” 
  • Under the ” Installed ” section, You will see a list of all the app installed on your device 
  • Navigate to Gmail and check whether an update is available or not, If ” Yes ” then tap on ” Update ” button located next to it 


If your Gmail app is already at the latest version, you will see a screen that gives an ” Open ” option. but if there is an update available and it has not been downloaded yet, It begins to download 

3. Remove And Re-Add Google Account 

  • Open your android settings, scroll down and tap on ” Accounts ” option


  • Next select “Google” and tap on three dots located at the top right corner 
  • Now tap on ” Remove” account option


  • To confirm once again tap on  “ Remove ” account in the small window that appears
  • Once you successfully completed all the steps, go to Gmail and check whether your email account is removed 
  • Now reboot your android device, and again open “Settings” application 
  • Next, tap on ” Add account “, select ” Google ” and enter your login credentials such as Gmail associated email and password to re-add your account 


4. Turn-OFF Your VPN 

Often many people used VPN services on their android or iOS device to unlock access to region-restricted websites and sometimes it is also used to boost internet speed.

But sometimes VPN is responsible for shaky performance so we suggest you to Turn It “OFF”.

Steps to disable your VPN network

  • To do this, First of all, open the VPN app that you use, and now on the “Welcome” screen, You will see the status, whether the VPN is connected or not.
  • If ” Yes ” then tap on the ” Disconnect ” button and you are good to go 

Don’t forget to try this method if nothing else worked for you. Hopefully, it helps to fix the problem “Gmail queued in outbox” error and saves your precious time 

5. Clear Gmail App Cache 

Sometimes, It is possible that the cache files get corrupted and cause the app to not function properly, so when you are facing the “Gmail messages stuck in outbox and queued problem“, Then don’t forget to follow these simple steps to clear the cache files of the Gmail app.

  • Begin by opening the “Settings ” app on your android  device 
  • Now scroll down and tap on the ” Apps “, Here find out ” Gmail ” and tap on it 
  • Once it’s done go back tap on “ Storage ” and then ” Clear Cache ” option 


  • Now restart the device and again open the app 

6. Disable Battery Saver Mode

Battery Saver functionality is very useful for both Android and iOS users, It is mainly designed to decrease your device performance in order to save battery 

But many times turning “ON” this feature may lead to significant downsides, This mode degrades system performance, limits sync and kill background apps that drain the battery

That’s why it is best to disable it manually 

  • To do this, launch the “Settings” app from the app drawer and tap on “Battery” 
  • Here you will see mainly two different options ” Power saving mode ” and ” Ultra power-saving mode ” depending on your device 
  • Next set the slider to OFF if it is already enabled 


Note: You can do this in a number of ways, for example, you can also turn off battery saver mode manually, simply pull down your notification shade and tap ” Turn OFF Battery Saver ” 

7. Sync Gmail 

Maybe Gmail can’t sync properly, doing so can help the performance of the app. To do this follow below-given steps carefully 

  • Open the Gmail app, On the left, tap on ” Three-line” icon
  • Scroll down and go to ” Settings” 
  • Next, select the account in which you are facing issues ( In case you have more than one-account linked )
  • Now, under the “Data usage” section make sure sync Gmail is marked check



8. Free Up Space in Gmail 

Google’s free email service Gmail doesn’t offer unlimited storage, Hence if you are running out of storage then users might face some strange errors like ” Gmail outbox queued and not sending emails ” which is quite frustrating.

That’s why it is highly recommended to free up some space, here we share some handy solutions to manage the issue

Users can easily delete multiple emails in bulk at a time, You need to follow some basics steps 

  • Open Gmail app, Go to the folder that contains all the emails you want to delete 
  • Now press and hold the message which you want to delete or tap the icon to the left of an email
  • Next tap on ” Delete ” icon

Alternative: Delete the larger email files, To do this go to the search box and type “Larger:5m” and then identify useless old emails with attachments and remove it

9. Turn OFF Airplane Mode

Most of the time airplane mode feature is very beneficial for users as it cuts off the wireless, cellular and Bluetooth connections

But if you face Gmail message queued in outbox problem then make sure Airplane mode is not turned ON. If it’s then disabled it by following these steps:

  • Swipe down the notification shade from the top of the screen
  • Next look for the “Airplane mode ” icon and tap on it to turn it “OFF


10. Uninstall Updates

Usually, regularly updating apps on your android device is a good practice as it helps to fix all security and non-security bugs.

But wait, many users claim that sometimes after updating the app they encounter with various technical issues, that’s why here we request you to go back to the factory version of the app by uninstalling updates.

Hopefully, it helps to fix the issue.

Note: You can only uninstall updates from a few apps that came pre-installed on your phone

  • Simply, Go to the “Settings” app on your device and open select “Apps” on your device
  • Navigate and tap on the “Gmail” app 
  • Next tap on the three-dot icon located at the top right corner 
  • Then, select the “Uninstall Updates” option, That’s it 

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