11 Ways To Fix Google Maps Location Sharing Not Updating

Google Map is one of the most popular navigation app among smartphone users, It is equipped with various useful features.

In our day to day life, we use it a lot to find places, explore businesses, and share locations with friends.

However, In addition to these, sometimes Google maps also experience one major issue that is “Google maps location sharing not updating“.

So that’s why here we share 10 different solutions that will help you in troubleshooting the issue.

Although, you may not be required to try them all, just look at the list until you find the perfect one that works.

Let’ get started.

1. Check Internet Connectivity

Sometimes internet connection can be interrupted for several unrelated reasons and this mainly responsible for the “Google Map location sharing not updating” issue.

So if you are using Wi-fi connection then simply check whether you are getting high speed, If not then simply “Turn OFF” the router and restart it again.

However, if you are using mobile data then first enable airplane mode for 10-15 sec and then disable it to improve network coverage and internet connectivity speed.

You can also switch from wifi to high-speed mobile data or vice versa.

2. Restart Your Device 

It is one of the routine troubleshooting method that we recommend to all our users at

This simple solution helped many Google Map users to get rid of the problem on their device, You just need to turn off your phone and restart it once again after 1-2 minutes.

If the issue persists proceed to the next troubleshooting solution below 

3. Update Google Maps App

It is very important to keep apps updated, As it allows access to the latest features and helps to fix the relevant bugs.

So, make sure you are running the latest version of google maps and if not then simply upgrade it 

  • To start this, Open Google Play Store app, Tap on “Menu” icon located at the left top corner 


  • Next tap on ” My apps and games ” 


  • Go to “ Installed ” section, scroll down and find out the ” Google Maps ” app 
  • Now click on the “ Update ” button located next to it 


4. Don’t Turn Off The Phone and Disable Location Services 

Google maps allow you to share real-time location with someone so they can easily track the location where you are.

But make sure you won’t disable location service or switch off your phone in this time period Otherwise connection will be lost and the location can’t be updated.

5. Clear App’s Cache

If you continuously facing Google Maps location sharing not updating issue, then it may be due to cache-related problems.

You should clear the app cache by following easy steps

  • To do that, Go to settings of your phone, Move over to “Apps and notification” section
  • Next, go to “All apps” >> ” Google Maps
  • Now head over to the “Storage and cache” section,  Tap on ” Clear Cache“, That’s it

6. Disable Battery Saver

If you enable battery saver mode on your smartphone then it surely helps in conserve battery power but also reduces overall device performance. 

Its main function is to stop unnecessary background services, animation effects, and also kill less frequently used apps. 

So, just by disabling this feature, your issue may be fixed.

  • Go to “Settings” app, scroll down and click on “Battery” or else use the search bar to find it 


  • Disable both “Power-saving mode” and “Ultra power-saving mode” one by one, by pressing the toggle button.


7. Reset App Preference 

  • To do this, launch the ” Settings ” app.
  • Now, navigate to the “Apps and notifications” >> “Apps” section
  • Here you will find out the list of all apps installed on your android device 
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see “Three-dot” icon, tap on it 


  • Next, click on ” Reset app preferences “, and again tap on the ” Reset ” button. That’s it


8. Correct Date And Time

We always recommend setting your date and time to network provided or automatic. It is important that both of these settings on your device are accurate.

Follow all the steps that are given below

  • Start by launching the “ Settings ” app on your device,
  • Simply, Scroll down and tap on ” General Management ” option 
  • Here you will find the ” Date and time ” section
  • Now, press the toggle button to turn on “Automatic date and time ” and “Automatic time zone


9. Enable Location Accuracy Mode

We all know one of the key permission Google Map app will need is access to the location.

However many people don’t know most of the smartphones come with an in-built high accuracy location service mode option, that helps to get a more precise location.

So don’t forget to turn it “ON”.

Here we share the steps to do the same.

  • Open ” Settings ” app,  scroll down and tap on ” Biometrics and security ” option 
  • Under “Privacy “, you will find ” Location “, tap on the toggle button to enable it 
  • Once, it’s done you will also see “ Improve accuracy” option 


  • Here you get two options ” wifi-scanning” and ” Bluetooth scanning ” press toggle button turn it “ON”. It helps to improve location accuracy 


10. Re-Share Location

  • Open the ” Google Maps” app, here tap on ” Three-line”  icons or menu
  • Now go to “Location Sharing” option

(If you already share location with someone then tap the “x” next to the line that says how long and to whom your locations are shared)

  • Next, tap on the blue “Get Started” button 
  • Under share your real-time location, you will see two different option either you can select it for fixed time limit ( example for 1 hour, 2 hours and so on ) or indefinitely ” Until You Turn This Off


  • Next, select the person with whom you want to share the location from the list of suggested contacts or select an app like messages or Gmail

 11. Re-Add Google Account 

  • Open your android settings, scroll down and tap on ” Accounts ” option
  • Next select “Google” and tap on three dots located at the top right corner 
  • Now tap on ” Remove” account


  • To confirm once again tap on  “ Remove ” account in the small pop-up box that appears
  • Once you successfully completed all the steps, google account is completely removed 
  • Now reboot your android device, and again open “Settings” application 
  • Next, tap on ” Add account “, select ” Google ” and enter login credentials to re-add it


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