8 Ways To Fix Google Podcasts Not Working Or Downloading Episodes On Android

Nowadays , Podcasting is the major form of digital content , people loves to listen audio content because it is time-efficient and easy to consume. 

Many podcasting apps are available for both android and iOS device but Google podcast is surely one of the best among all. 

The app comes with a clutter free design and minimalistic interface , However like any other application sometimes it also shows minor glitches. 

Many users reported that Google podcast not working or downloading their favourite episodes 

But don’t worry, Here in this post we are going to share 8 methods which surely helps you in fixing the issue ” Google podcast not working or downloading ” . 

Let’s get started .

Fix Google Podcasts Not Working Or Downloading Episodes

#1. Check Internet Connection 

A slow and unstable internet connectivity might be the main reason behind the issue. So don’t forget to check the internet connection speed.

If you are using cellular data then switch to high-speed wi-fi connection , It might help in resolving the issue 

For mobile data users here is a simple tweak  just go and enable the airplane mode and disable it after few seconds , It generally helps in boosting signal strength 


#2. Restart The Phone 

Many times , rebooting the phone helps to fix temporary glitches and misbehaving app.

Simply tap on power button for a couple of seconds to turn the device off and again press the power button to turn it ON .

#3. Update App 

Before diving deep into the post , you must make sure that Google podcast application is up-to-date.

Here’s how you need to check it.

  • First of all , open Google play store and search for “Google podcast
  • If you will see update option then tap on it otherwise you’re already using a latest version 


#4. Clear Data And Cache 

The most simple and straightforward way to fix the issue is by clearing data and cache of an app.

Here’s how to do it. 

  • To do this , Just launch the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on ” Apps ” option 


  • Now simply find ” Google podcasts ” on the list and click on it 


  • Here , Under “Storage” section you will see two different option “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” , Tap on both one by one to complete it . 


#5. Manage In-App Settings Google Podcasts 

If you are facing issues in ” Auto Downloading ” your favourite episode in ” Google podcast ” then make sure to enable this In-app settings .

Follow below guide to know more about it .

  • Launch Google Podcast app , Tap on the “Profile” icon located at the top-right corner of the app


  • Simply scroll down and click on ” Podcast Settings ” option 


  • Here , under ” Downloads ” section you will see “Auto downloading ” option , tap on it .


  • Now on next screen make sure  “Auto downloads new episodes ” option is  turned ON , Otherwise press the toggle button to do the same  


#6. Check Storage Space

Many times due to low internal storage space , apps cannot able to perform properly , That’s why check and confirm whether enough memory is available , If not then free up some bytes

  • Under settings app , you will find an option  ” Battery and device care ” , tap on it 


  • Here navigate to ” Internal storage ” 


  • Now you will see a list of all the files that consumes space on your device , Simply delete the useless ,  unwanted , duplicate files that absorbs large space 

#7. Allow Background Data App Usage

Restricting background data surely helps in saving the internet data of your phone but adversely effect the functionalities of an app , That’s why we recommend you to disable this feature. 

Here’s how to do that .

  • Launch “Settings” app on your android device  and Tap on ” Apps ‘ section


  • Scroll down and find out “Google Podcasts” app 
  • Next go to “ Mobile data ” under  “Usage” section 


  • Here check if allow background data usage is “ON ” , if ” Yes ” you don’t have need to do anything 


#8. Disable Ultra-Data Saving Mode 

Ultra data saving mode limits how much data background app uses , So if you enable this functionality then you can’t able to get the benefit of auto downloading feature on Google podcast app ,  That’s why it is best to turn it off 

  • Go and tap on “Settings ” icon on the home screen
  • Scroll down and navigate to “ Battery and device care ” section (Options may vary based on the mobile phones models)



  • Here you will see ” Ultra data saving mode ” , make sure the option is disable , If not then tap on the toggle button to turn it off


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