Top 6 Ways To Fix Instagram Video Chat Not Working

Instagram video chat not working:

Instagram is one of the most preferred social networking app that allows its users to take, edit, share photos, and videos.

Did you know more than 800 Million users actively use IG every month…..

Thanks to the Instagram developer team who constantly adding new features to the app and make it more interesting.

Among a lot of powerful features including Stories, IGTV, Filters, etc. Instagram video chat is the most popular one and users love to use it

However many times users complained that Instagram video calling not working.

If you are facing the same issue then don’t worry. In this post, we will walk you through  5 easy solutions to fix it 

Let’s get started…..

1. Update IG App 

  • To do this, Launch Google PlayStore app and tap on the “Hamburger menu (Three-line) ” icon located at the top left corner of the screen 
  • Now head over to “ My apps and games ” 
  • Next, go to ” Installed ”  section, Here you see a list of all the installed application, simply navigate and find “Instagram” 
  • Now, Tap on the “ Update ” button located next to it, that’s it

The Instagram development team always tries to fix the bug ASAP, If this method doesn’t work for you try the other steps.

2. Sign out, Sign in 

Sometimes, due to temporary glitch or bug users faced different technical errors. That’s why we recommend you to sign out and sign in back to your Instagram account.

For many users this simple and most effective trick works well, So give it a try 

3. Toggle OFF “Mute Video Chat” Option

  • Once updated, Open the Instagram app tap on the “Arrow” icon located at the top-right corner of your profile.


  • Now, message thread opens on your screen, Select someone you want to video-chat with or simply use the search bar and type its username
  • Next tap on “ Info” icon located at the top-right corner 


  • Finally, Make sure that the ” Mute Video Chat ” option is turned “OFF”


4. Enable The Push Notification For Video Chat 

  • Open Instagram application, Go to “Profile” and tap on “Menu”  icon 
  • Next head over to “Settings” by tapping on “Gear” icon 
  • Select “Notifications” >> “Push Notifications


  • Scroll down, Until you find the “Video Chats” section. Now, make sure the “From Everyone” option is mark checked


5. Clear App’s Data and Cache

Sometimes an old data and cache files might responsible for the shaky performance of the app. So we suggest you to clear the app’s cache and data by following the below steps

  • First of all, open “Settings ” app in your smartphone and tap on “ Apps
  • Next, scroll down and find ” Instagram ” application from the list 
  • Now, select storage and tap on both “Clear Data ” and “ Clear Cache” option one by one 


  • Finally reboot your smartphone, next login into the Instagram account and check whether the issue is resolved or not 

6. Contact Customer Support 

  • Firstly, launch the ” Instagram” app and tap on the “Profile” icon located at the bottom right corner of the app 
  • Next tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines)  located at the top 
  • Now head over to ” Settings ” and tap on “Help ” option 


  • Next select ” Report a problem ” two times and describe your issue.


Note: Users can also attach a screenshot of the problem they are facing, by tapping on ‘+’ sign

  • Finally, hit the “Submit” button, That’s it now Instagram support team will help you in resolving the issue

Hopefully, the troubleshooting tips mentioned above help you in fixing the “Instagram video chat not working ” issue.

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