Fix: Youtube Looking For Incomplete Downloads Notification Error

Are you facing issues regarding Youtube? Here in this detailed guide, We will discuss 8 effective ways which surely helps you to fix and hide “Looking for incomplete downloads” notification message.

Youtube is the world’s leading video sharing and streaming platform on the Internet, Used by Billions of people on both Android and iOS devices.

But a lot of time it throws unexpected notifications on the user’s device, which is quite annoying and frustrating

Recently some users complained that they encountered with permanent (sticky) “ Looking for incomplete download” notification in their smartphone.

But fails to swipe it off from the notification bar manually.

That’s why here I am grouping various ways to resolve this issue in one handy guide 

Let’s begin.

Method 1. Restart The Device 

Before going deep into the post, Let’s try this simple method that works for many users.

Surely, Restarting the device helps in fixing many different issues, so it is advisable to press and hold the power button to restart your device.

But if this method doesn’t work for you then without any further ado quickly move to the next step.

Method 2. Check Internet Connection 

Slow and interrupted internet connection is the main cause behind these types of problems, So it’s recommended to check whether Wireless or mobile data connection works properly or not.

If the connection is weak then switch from Wifi connection to Mobile-data and vice-versa

Here is another tweak, Just Turn “On”  Airplane Mode ” and Turn “Off ” again after 30 seconds to boost internet connectivity 

Method 3.  Disable Notification Settings Of The App 

  • Open “Settings ” on your android device and tap on ” Apps and Notifications/Apps ” 
  • Next, go to all “App“, scroll down and select ” Youtube ” from the list
  • Now go to “Notifications
  • Here you will see  “ Download Notifications ” option, Simply make sure the toggle button next to it is Turned “Off “


4.  Change Youtube App Settings 

We would suggest you to change a few settings inside the Youtube app, Although this guide is specifically for the android users, But almost the options are quite same for iOS users too 

  • Open ” Youtube ” app, tap on the “Profile” or “Channel” icon, located at the top right corner of the screen 
  • Next, tap on ” Settings ” 


  • Now, you will see ” Recommend Downloads ” Option, Just make sure toggle button next to it is ” Turned Off


  • Now go, back to the “Settings” menu and select “Notifications” option, Here disable the “Recommended videos ” option 


5. Clear Data And Cache 

You can also give a shot to Clearing Data and Cache for the Youtube app, Sometimes it is quite helpful.

The steps to do the same are pretty simple and easy to follow 

  • Open “Settings” app in your android device and navigate to the ” Apps
  • Next select ” Youtube ” under “All apps”
  • Tap on “Storage ” under the particular app details 
  • Next tap on ” Clear Data ” and ” Clear Cache ”  button 


  • Finally, check whether your problem ” Youtube looking for incomplete download” is resolved or not, If the issue still persists then try out other different solutions mentioned below

6. Force Quit App 

Your smartphone/tablet has a built-in manager that you should use if you need to “Force quit” the app and its all background processes, It’s pretty straightforward procedure 

  • Open Settings in your device and go to “Apps / Application manager” 
  • Next, Select  “All apps ” and find “ Youtube” in the list, tap on it 


  • Now tap on “Force Stop“, to end all the processes of the app immediately  


  • Next tap on “Ok” button, to confirm your action, That’s it 

7. Update Youtube App 

Google-owned Youtube releases bugs fixes regularly, So it is necessary to update the app timely, Hopefully, it resolves the issue.

Simply follow below given steps 

  • Firstly,  Open Playstore app and click on Three-line icon located at the top-left corner 
  • Next tap on “My apps and games ” option from the menu 


  • Here  you will see a  list of all the installed apps, simply scroll down and find out the “Youtube” app and tap on “Update” button 


  • Once the update is finished restart your phone and check whether you able to fix issue or not 

8. Remove And Reconnect Linked Google Account With Youtube 

Many users claim that after removing and reconnecting the Google account associated with Youtube,  They able to fix the issue sticky “Looking for incomplete downloads” notification message

So, here I share the process for the same, But make sure you have the login credentials because it requires to Signin into the google account

  • Open “Settings”  of your android device and tap on  “ Accounts and Backup ” option 


  • Under “Account ” section, tap on the Google account which is connected to your Youtube account 
  • Next tap on ” Remove account  ” and now a confirmation pop up will appear on the screen,  again tap on ” Remove account ” to confirm 


  • Once the Google account is removed completely, Go back to your Account settings, Tap on ” Google ”  from the list and Re-add the same Google account 

I hope the above methods are useful and you will be able to fix ” Looking for incomplete downloads error”. If you still have any question then feel free to comment below

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