11 Ways To Fix Outlook Notifications Not Working On Windows 10 & Android

Fix Microsoft Outlook Notifications Not Working on Android and Windows 10 : 

MS Outlook is one of the most useful application for millions of users worldwide. It allows their users to check email accounts, contacts, calendar, reminders all in one place . 

You’re not alone, Well many users claimed that app does suffer from various issues , Sometimes Microsoft outlook notifications not working properly. 

Let’s check various fixes to solve the problem when outlook notifications not working on windows 10 and android .

Fix Outlook Notifications Not Working On Android

1. Manage Notification Settings 

You should check the outlook in-app notifications settings on android app . Doing so will definitely help many users to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Open Microsoft outlook app on your android device.
  • Now tap on the “Profile” icon located at the top left corner
  • Here , Hit the “Settings” ( Gear ) icon  


  • Next scroll down , under “Email” section tap on “Notifications” 


  • Here select the option “All Email ” , So you can’t miss any important notifications , That’s it 


2. Force-quit and Re-open Outlook app 

Before you tried the next below-mentioned methods , we should suggest you to force-quit the app by following the below guide.

  • To do this launch “Settings” app on your android device 
  • From here go to “Apps” section 


  • Simply scroll down , Find the outlook app and tap on  it 
  • Go to ” Storage ” section , under this you will see “ Force stop ” option , tap on it 


  • Now close “ Settings ” app , go back again and launch  ” Microsoft outlook application

3. Update App

Are you running an older version of Microsoft outlook app , If ” Yes ” then we always recommend you to update app to the latest version as it helps to fix bugs and flaws 

  • Open “Playstore” app and search for the Microsoft Outlook 

If there is an update available then you will see “Update” button , simply tap on it (Screenshot attached below) .


However , If you are running latest version of the app then in place of “Update” button you will see ” Open ” 

4.  Clear Cache and Data 

You should also try clearing the cache and data of the MS outlook app , This  method is quite helpful for many users in fixing the issue.

  • Launch “Settings” app on your phone and go to “Apps
  • Here find and tap on ” MS outlook ” followed by “Storage ” 


  • Next hit the ” Clear data ” and ” Clear cache ”  option one by one.  


5. Reset App Preferences

You can also try resetting app preferences , It only changes settings like restrictions, permission etc and does not changes or affect your files and data , So don’t worry about it.

  • Go to “Settings” on your android device and tap on “Apps” 
  • Next tap on three dot icon located at the top right corner 
  • Select ” Reset app preferences ” 
  • Now a popup will appear on your screen, Tap on ” Reset 


6. Disable Battery Saver On Android Device

In case you enable battery saver settings on android device then simply disable it , because it limits the resource hogging background process which is mainly responsible for not getting notifications on time .

To do this , follow the below guide

  • Launch “Settings” app from the app drawer and go to the “Battery” option
  • Here you will see the ultra power saver or optimised battery option ( keep in mind that process are almost same for all android device but options may be different due to different brands handsets
  • Just tap on it and press the toggle button to disable it


Fix MS Outlook Notifications Not Working On Windows 10 

1. Reboot PC 

Have you tried rebooting ? 

If not, then give it a try because if the issue arises due to any temporary system bug then this simple troubleshooting step can able to fix it.

2. Adjust Microsoft Outlook Desktop App Notification Settings 

  • Launch Microsoft outlook web app on your computer 
  • Next tap on the “Settings ( Gear )” icon at the top 
  • Go to “View all outlook settings” 


  • Under this move over to “General” >> “Notifications


  • Here you need to configure the ” In-app ” notification settings as per your needs 
  • Now under ” Desktop notifications ” section make sure toggle button next to ” Send me desktop notifications ” is enabled 



3. Check Windows 10 Notification Settings

  • First of all , Press “Windows key + I” to open ” Settings ” on windows 10 
  • Go to “System” >> ” Notifications and Actions “, 
  • Here , under ” Notification ” section make sure  ” Get notifications from app and other senders ” is enabled , else tap on the toggle button to enable it 


4. Disable Battery Saver

It is highly recommended to turn off the battery saving mode in windows 10

  •  Go to “Settings” >> “System” >> “Battery”
  • Next , scroll down to battery saver section and click on toggle button to turn off the option next to “To get more from your battery when it’s running low , limit notifications and background activity


  • By default battery saver ON automatically at 20

Note : If your laptop or PC already plugged in with a charger you will not able to turn on this setting

5. Disable Focus Assist

Windows 10 comes with a focus assist feature which allows users to silent notifications, that helps to improve productivity.

Well, we know the feature is quite handy but you need to disable this functionality, in order to receive notifications , so here’s how you do it

  • On the taskbar look for the “Action-Center” icon located at the bottom right of the screen and simply right-click on it 


  • Here you will find “Focus Assist” option , hover the mouse over it and you will see three options i.e. “Off” , “Priority only” and “Alarms only”
  • Select “OFF” , That’s it


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