Fix Slack Notifications Not Working For Android & iOS

Being updated about your team requires that your notifications for Slack are working correctly on your phone, but you could miss important information if your reports have issues.

The solution might be different if you have an iOS device or an Android device for Slack notifications not working. 

Slack Notification Settings 

In Slack, there are standard settings for the events where you should receive notifications. Check to make sure that these settings are all active if you find your Slack notifications not working. 

You should receive a notification if any of the following events occur in Slack. 

Default Slack Notifications:

  • Getting a reminder from Slackbot
  • Receiving a direct message (DM)
  • A reply to within a thread you follow 
  • Your name tagged using “@” in a channel 
  • Someone uses your keywords  

If you’re not receiving a notification for any or all of these events, you have an problem receiving messages from Slack. 

What are the Causes of Notification Issues On Slack ?

There are some typical reasons for Slack notifications not working. The causes for notification issues users might have come down to a few problems either within the app itself or the device settings.

Causes for Notification Issues :

  • Corrupted or bad data
  • Browser settings that block notifications 
  • Device settings that prevent notifications 
  • Third-party apps or mobile device functions that stop notifications 

If you’re missing notifications on Slack, your problem likely stems from one of the above issues.

10 Ways to Fix Slack Notification Issues

Let’s look at ten possible solutions to fix Slack notification issues for both iOS and Android users.  

For Android

#1: Stuck Badge Notifications for Android 

If you are receiving stuck badge notifications from Slack, you can follow these steps to stop them from your Android device.  

  • Open slack app , Select “You” at the bottom of your screen
  • Next, Select “Preferences” 


  • Tap “Advanced


  • Select “Reset Cache” and Confirm it by tapping on ” Yes ” button 


After these steps, you can send your logs to Slack. 

  • Select “You” below
  • Click on “Preferences
  • Select “Send Feedback
  • Write briefly about the problem, then select Report Issue


If you follow these steps, you should stop receiving stuck badge notifications from your Slack app. 

#2: Receiving Notification Issues Android 

If your Android phone isn’t receiving notifications from Slack when it should, you can follow these steps to resolve the issue.

For Android users: 

  • Restart your Android phone
  • Select “You” below 
  • Select “Notifications” and then tap on  “Troubleshoot Notifications” to run the diagnostic test 


Your phone should receive notifications after following these steps.

You can continue to send a report to Slack by selecting Send Feedback in the “Preferences” menu. 

 #3: Delayed Notification Issues 

If you’re getting delayed notifications from Slack with your Android device, you can follow these steps to resolve the problem.  

  • Select “You” below, tap onNotifications” and then selectNotify Me on Mobile


  • Choose “As soon as I’m inactive “


#4: Disable Battery Optimization For Android 

The notification problems you might be experiencing could be from your phone’s battery optimization settings for Android users. 

If you have Android version 6.01+ or newer, go to your battery settings and check to see if your battery optimization setting is active.

With this setting active, your phone might not receive notifications for Slack and other applications, So simply disable it. 

Specifically, for Android version 9, check to ensure that your Adaptive Battery feature does not interfere with Slack updates. 

#5: Third-Party Apps Blocking Notifications 

Third-party apps for your iOS or Android device may prevent you from receiving updates from Slack.

Applications like Clean Master or Security Master might stop your notifications.

Make sure that Slack is unchecked and is under the Notifications Allowed list. 

#6: Do Not Disturb or Focus Assist Mode on Your Phone 

The system settings of Do Not Disturb or Focus Assist Mode for your iOS device or Android device will also prevent you from receiving notifications from Slack.

Ensure that these settings are not active if you find your Slack notifications not working. 


#10: Specific Android Device Settings 

Resolving notification problems for your Android device might be specific to the kind of device you’re currently using.

Slack has a particular set of instructions you can follow for a specific device to resolve your phone’s problems receiving updates. 

For iOS :

#1: Stuck Badge Notifications for iOS

If you have received a notification for Slack but then saw nothing new to report, you have received a stuck badge notification. 

Typically, you’ll get this notification because of bad data. 

Steps to follow :

  • First of all launch the slack app, Go to “You” and tap on “Preferences


  • Tap on “Advanced


  • Here , tap on “Reset Cache


  • Reopen Slack.

From there, you should send your logs to Slack.

  • Select “You” >>Preferences


  • Select “Send Feedback


  • Write briefly about the problem, then select Compose Report

Following these steps will collect your logs from Slack and send them to their team

#2: Receiving Notification Issues On Slack

Your phone’s settings may be the reason you’re not getting your Slack updates. Follow these steps to make sure your device will receive notifications when you need to get them. 

For iOS users: 

  • Select “You”  and then “Notifications” 


  • Select “Troubleshoot Notifications” to run the diagnostic test




After you follow these steps, you can send your logs and report your issue to Slack

#3: Delayed Notification Issues iOS 

Another kind of notification problem is delayed notifications from Slack. These are some steps you can take for iOS users. 

For iOS users: 

  • Select “You” below and then tap onNotifications” 


  • Select “Notify Me on Mobile


  • Choose “As soon as I’m inactive” 


When you’ve finished these steps, you can also send a report to Slack about your problem to notify them.

Final Thoughts 

When your team needs you, it can be frustrating not getting the updates you need to contribute or stay updated in an app like Slack.

If you’re struggling to find a solution to your Slack notifications not working, don’t give up hope yet. Try these ten tips first, and you’ll be back in business in no time.

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