Top 9 Fixes For Twitter Notifications Not Working On Android

Twitter Notifications Not Working On Android :

Twitter is one of the most used social networking and microblogging website in the world. People love to use this amazing platform.

However, many Twitter android users also encounter several issues and reported that they are not being notified about new notifications whether it’s related to replies, retweets, new followers, highlights, direct messages, etc.

We know when push notifications are not working it’s quite frustrating. That’s why here we share a solution for this problem.

Feel free to explore this guide until you find the solutions that work for you. 

Let’s begin.

1. Logout And Log Back In 

Before you start exploring other solutions, simply logout Instagram account and log back in after a few seconds, most of the time this simple trick works for the users.

So give it a try.

  • To do this, open ” Twitter ” app, tap on the three-line menu (hamburger) icon 
  • Next, scroll down and go to “Settings and Privacy


  • Now click on “Account“, Here underneath “Data and Permission“, You will see “Logout” option tap on it 


  • Once, it’s done sign back in by entering credentials such as a username or password.

2. Update Twitter App 

Whatever issue you are facing with the Twitter app, The most important thing we recommend you is to check whether you are running the latest version of the application.

As we know, the app update helps to resolve all bugs and introduces many new features.

  • To start this, First of all, Open Google play store, Hit on “Menu” or (Hamburger icon) located at the top-left corner 
  • Here tap on “My apps and games” 


  • Now go to the “Installed” section,  scroll down find out the Twitter app, and tap on the “Update” button. 


  • Next, wait for few minutes until update is done and finally restart the device and open the app again 

3. Check Push Notification Setting In Twitter App 

Twitter app comes with several built-in settings inside the android app, Here you can easily turn off new followers notifications, retweet, likes, photo tags, direct messages notifications, and so on.

Just check whether these settings are enabled or not, It might help in resolving Twitter notifications not working issue.

  • To do this, open Twitter app and tap on the menu button at the top left corner
  • Scroll down and tap on “Settings and privacy” option in the menu sidebar 


  • Here tap on “Notification” under  “Preferences” section, then hit on “Push Notification” and check whether it is enabled or not, If it’s off tap the toggle button to turn it “ON” 


4. Turn OFF Don’t Disturb Mode 

These days, android smartphones come with a “Do not disturb” feature that main aim is to mute notifications, alerts, and calls on your device.

So if DND mode is turned on you will not receive any notification, here’s how to disable it.

  • First of all, Open the “Settings” app on your android device 
  • Now go to the “Sound” section, here you see ” Do not disturb mode “, simply tap on it 


  • Next make sure the setting is turned off, if not then tap on the slider to turn it off


5. Check Phone Notification Settings 

Android smartphones equipped with built-in notification settings for individual apps, If twitter app notification settings are disabled then that could be the reason for your trouble.

Hence, you need to make sure that app notifications for Twitter are turned “ON”.

  • Go to “Apps“, under the phone settings 
  • Tap on Twitter followed by “Notifications
  • On the next screen make sure the notification is turned ON. If it is “OFF” the tap on the toggle button to enable it 


6. Erase Data And Cache 

In the android device, you can easily clear data and cache by following the below steps.

  • To start, Firstly open the ” Settings ” menu and then navigate to the ” Apps and Notification ” section 
  • Here just find the “Twitter ” from the list of the installed app 
  • Once, you find the app, then first you will need to tap on the “ Force Stop ” button and confirm the action in the popup 


  • Once done tap the ” Storage ”  and here click on ” Clear data ” and ” Clear cache ” button, one by one


Note: You will lose all the data associate with the app, so the next time you launch the app, You need to log in again by entering username and password 

7. Disable Battery Saver Mode

Usually, battery saver mode extends your device battery life but it is also true that this useful setting decreases your device performance.

After enabling it, your phone or tablet won’t show notifications and most background data usage will also be restricted

So, it’s better to disable this setting, here’s how to do this 

  • First, head over to the “Battery saver” option in the ” Settings ” app 
  • Here on the battery screen, set the slider to “OFF “


8. Allow Background Data Usage 

Make sure the twitter app should have access to use the phone’s battery in the background, follow the below steps carefully to check and verify the setting.

  • Launch phone settings, head to “Apps and notifications” >> ” Apps
  • Go to twitter and tap on ” Mobile data
  • Here, tap on the slider button  to enable ” Allow background activity


9. Update OS

Many times, an outdated android operating system also responsible for the issues in the normal functioning of the app.

Thus it is important to timely update OS. It surely helps to improve the stability of the software and fix all major flaws

Note:  Make sure to take backup off all the important data before start updating and also keep your device connected to the charger, if the battery is low 

  • On the android phone, go to “Settings” app, scroll down and tap on “Software update” section
  • Next, click on “Download and install
  • Here, If update is available, you will see information on your screen, Tap on “Download ” button 


I hope this detailed post will help you in resolving the issue “Twitter notifications not working on android”.  Share your take with us in the comment below

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