How To Check Who Saved Your Post On Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing platform on the Internet, with over 1 billion daily active users and counting.

Recently they added many new and interesting features that surely enhance your experience, but still many things are missing…..

At present, there is no official way available “To known or see the name of those people who saved your pictures or posts on Instagram”.

That’s why today in this post, We are going to share a simple trick by following which users can able to track how many times their photos or posts saved on Instagram.

So are you excited and want to know how this trick works….. If “Yes” then without further ado, read this post till the end to get more information.

Let’s get started

How To See Who Saved Your Pictures or Post On Instagram

As I said earlier, users can only able to track only how many times their photos or post saved on Instagram from unique accounts instead of who actually saved your post on IG.

And this can only be done by enabling analytics in the account.

For, this user needs to switch from a “Personal” Instagram profile to a “Business or Professional” profile.

Here Are A Few Requirements

  • In order to connect the Facebook page, Make sure you are an admin of that page.
  • Check and confirm that your Instagram account is not set to a private account.

Convert Personal Instagram Profile To Business Profile

  • To do this, First of all, open the Instagram app, enter your login credentials such as “Email id” and “Password” to access the account.
  • Now go to the “Profile” section, tap on three horizontal-line Icon, located at the top right corner.
  • Next tap on ” Settings ( A Gear Symbol ) ” >> “Account


  • Here just scroll down the list of options and tap on the “Switch To Professional Account” option.
  • Next, Choose between  “Creator” and “Business” account and hit a few times on the “Continue” button 


  • Choose the category which best describes what you do. (For example: If you upload Music Video choose ” Musician /Band“)  and tap on the ” Next ” button 
  • Now tap on ” Choose Page ” option to connect your Facebook account and hit “OK” to allow Instagram to manage page 

In case you are not interested in linking Fb with Professional Instagram account tap on ” Don’t connect to Facebook

  • Next, simply select your most preferred “Facebook Business Page” from the list ( In case you have more than one ), Finally tap on ” Done 

Note: You must have admin access to Facebook page to take this action


  • After that, set up your profile by filling business contact information like email id , phone number and location, finally click on “Done”


  • That’s it, now a success message pop up on your screen ” Your page (name) has been linked to your business profile

Check Analytics Data

  • Once everything is set up, go to your “Profile
  • Click on any of the posts, about which you want to see all analytics details
  • Here you will see “View Insights” option at the bottom, Just tap on it
  • Now you will clearly able to see how many times your photos or posts saved on Instagram along with a number of likes, comments, profile visits, and reach.



So by following the above method users can easily able to track the number of times their posts saved on Instagram by various different accounts, Instead of the name of people who saved your post on IG

Let us know what you think in the comment section below, If you have any query don’t forget to mention it.

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