Fix Microsoft Teams Desktop App Not Working/Loading On Windows 10

Due to pandemic, remote work becomes the new norm. These days we spent a lot of time on collaboration, video, and a group messaging tool like Microsoft Teams.

As we know MS Teams come with plenty of impressive features that help to establish work-from-home connectivity and also improves work-productivity.

However, the app comes with some pullbacks and may not work for some users properly. Here’s how you can fix “Microsoft teams desktop app not loading/working” 

Follow the troubleshooting steps given below to resolve the issue 

Microsoft Teams Desktop App Not Working 

 #1. Check Internet connection

It is necessary to carry out some preliminary checks. Ensure that the internet connection is working fine. 

In order to cross-check just open any online service and check whether is it reachable or not.

#2. Check Downtime Status

Sometimes it’s not an application issue. Maybe the server is down. In this scenario, you need to check and confirm whether the service is facing an outage or not.

For this follow the below steps

  • To do this, copy and open this URL “”
  • Now you will see a status on your screen whether the website is reachable or not with graphical representation


#3. Reboot PC And Retry

As always the first fix is to reboot the device, Restarting the computer generally improves performance and fixes the minor glitches.

So there’s a good chance that a simple reboot will work for you.

  • Click on the “Windows” icon located at the left corner of the taskbar
  • Tap on the “Power” button and select “Restart


  • Now wait for your device to restart properly and then open the MS Teams app and check whether it is working properly or not


#4. Logout And Login

You should also try logging out MS Teams app and log in again, Sometimes this simple tweak also helps in the proper functioning of the app.

Here you need to follow some simple steps to do this.

  • Launch “Microsoft Teams” app on your desktop
  • Tap on the “Profile” icon located at the right side of the screen
  • Here, click on the “Sign out” option


  • Once done, simply log in again by entering the credentials i.e Email and password

#5. Check For Updates

If you are facing app stuck on screen issue then first and the most important thing is to update your Teams app to the latest version 

  • Open MS Teams app on Computer
  • Select ” Settings and More “, located next to your “Profile” Icon
  • Simply, select ” Check for updates


  • Now teams will check and install updates automatically while you work, so just wait

#6. Delete Cache

Several Teams users were able to fix the issue by clearing the cache of an application. However, erasing the cache will not delete any personal chat or files.

We have mentioned the steps below, follow them to know more about the process

  • Tap on the ” search bar ” located next to the ” windows ” icon in the taskbar
  • Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and press Enter


  • Now open the ” Cache ” folder


  • Next press “ CTRL+ A ” to select all files
  • Press “Shift+Delete” to remove all


  • Now close all the dialog boxes and open Microsoft teams, the cache has been cleared

#7. Re-Install Microsoft Office

Fresh installation of an app is always the best troubleshooting technique and most of the time it helps in resolving the issue. 

Follow the below steps, To do so 

  • To start, first type ” Control panel ” on the search bar or just press the shortcut key Win+R to open the “Run” window and then type ” Control ” and hit ” Enter “
  • Next, go to ” Program “ >> “Uninstall a program


  •  Now, you will see a list of all the programs installed on your PC
  • Here, Find out “MS Teams” and click on it, Next, click on ” Uninstall


  • Now, give all permission by tapping several times on ” Next ” button to complete the uninstallation process

#8. Try web-version

We know, it is not the solution you are looking for. But still, If none of the above-shared methods works for you then using the web version is definitely an alternate option for you. 

For this, you need to visit the below-given URL and enter login credentials


#9. Disable Windows Firewall

Sometimes pre-installed windows defender antivirus prevents an app from running or loading, In this scenario you need to disable antivirus program. 

To do this , follow given below steps 

  • Tap on windows start icon and click “Settings” (Gear icon )


  • Go to “Windows Security” >> “Virus and threat protection ” and click on ” Manage Settings



  • Next under “Virus and threat protection settings” section tap on ” manage settings ” 


  • Here check whether the “Real time protection” is turned “OFF” , if not then press the toggle button to do the same 


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