How To Stop Getting Emails From Pinterest

4 Best Ways To Stop Getting Emails From Pinterest

With over more than 320 million monthly active users, Pinterest is one of the most popular visual bookmarking platform in the world and for all the right reasons. 

But it’s also true that when user sign up on Pinterest, Immediately after that users start receiving tons of unwanted emails from Pinterest on their email account

Sometimes they are related to activity on pins, group boards, community updates, and many other things.

For many subscribers, It’s very annoying and they simply want to restrict or block email from Pinterest.

So, If you want to get rid of unwanted Pinterest notifications emails then find the answer in this post.

So what are you waiting for, Let’s discover the answer without any further ado.

1. Using Pinterest Settings (On The web )

  • First of all open Pinterest website and logged in your account by entering credentials such as username and password 
  • Next tap on three horizontal dot icon located at the top right corner of  the webpage 
  • Now, click on the ” Edit settings ” option



  • After that tap on ” Notifications ” located on the left side.



  • Next tap on the “Edit ” button located in front of ” By Email ” option under “Notifications ” 
  • That’s it, Now You have full control over what type of email notifications you want to receive from Pinterest, this setting Is incredibly useful for you.
  • Here you can easily select or configure categories from only which you want to receive a Pinterest notification on your email example ” Board searches or  topics” or you also have an option to  simply turn off all types of email coming from Pinterest irrespective of their categories

Note : Not only this but here you also get an option to configure “Push Notifications”  coming from Pinterest on your phone and computer 

2. From Mobile App : 

  • Open the Pinterest mobile app and click on the” Saved ” option located at the bottom 
  • Next  tap on ” Settings ” icon located  at the top- right corner 


  • Now, click on “Edit settings“, scroll down the page and you will find out the “Notifications” section, here you will see ” By email  ” option just click on it 


  • Here, you can select different categories from which you want to receives notifications on your email by checking the box, however by clicking on ” Turn of all ” you didn’t receive an email from Pinterest 


3. Unsubscribe Emails :

It’s the easiest and fastest way to unsubscribe from Pinterest activity and notifications email that you no longer want to receive in your inbox.

  • First of all, open an email from the Pinterest 
  • Scroll down, at the bottom of the email you will see “Unsubscribe” option 


  • Next, tap on it and after that, you will be redirected to the Pinterest website 
  • Now you will see a box, click on the “Confirm ”  button, that’s it now after that you will not receive any email related to that particular category from Pinterest 

4. Block Pinterest using Gmail settings

If you are using Gmail services then, you have an option to filter or block email from any specific website or sender, Follow these simple steps 

  • Open Gmail website, logged in your account 
  • Now, open a message from the Pinterest, tap on three vertical dots icon located at the right side 
  • Tap on ” Block Pinterest ” 



  • Next click “ Block” in the confirmation message that appears 
  • Now that sender is blocked and all the  future message from the same sender will be marked as spam 

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